About Us

Skanda Survey

Skanda Survey is a professional legal survey firm located in Hanumanthnagar, Bangalore.
We engage in the following wide fields of duties:

  • Topographical site information
  • Land project development
  • Construction Survey


The firm is lead by Mr.K.S.Ashok with a team of field technicians and their assistants. All personnel possess an excellent working knowledge of survey methods and procedures for all types of surveys. Each member of our team demonstrates a strong personal character and willingness to work within both urban and remote areas. In addition, the firm operates from a fully equipped office and has experienced drafting and support staff.

Equipment and Technology

This firm has always attempted to work with the latest technological advances in the field of Civil Engineering. We currently utilize a suite of high standard Leica instruments including total stations and a Hand GPS. Our data collection is streamlined. We operate two fully equipped field survey vehicles (4x4s) with all standard survey support equipment and supplies (including VHF communications).

Our office computing capability includes the latest in computer technology for the COGO/CAD workstations running Auto Cad 2010 and Auto-Cad Land Development. The office is fully supported with the latest Office software monitoring all aspects of jobs. We have a network of CAD workstations and an extensive software library, enabling us to provide clients with survey data in the output format best suited to their requirements. We have 4 Total Station instruments TC407 & TC02 & Hand GPS. Our office is well equipped with latest & well configurated A0 plotter, A0 Color Scanner, A0 color Xerox, Blue print & Computers, A1 plotter, dedicated professionals & manpower. We are continuously investing in specialist equipment for our surveying as well as the latest technology in our processing capability. We are providing Surveying, Design, Drafting & Plotting services at the most competitive & economical cost.